Ordinances Enacted since last Code of Ordinances Update:

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Commonly Requested Ordinances:

Sec. 32-26.  Animals. Any person who owns or exercises any control over any animal shall, in the event that such animal deposits any fecal matter on any sidewalk or path, immediately and completely remove such matter from the sidewalk or path. This section shall not apply to leader, guide, hearing and service dogs. (Ord. No. 152-B, § 8, 8-14-2000)

Zoning Ordinance Section 303 – Household Pets: The keeping of household pets, including cats, dogs, household fish, and household birds, is expressly permitted as an Accessory Use in any Zoning District; provided however, that no more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats over three (3) months of age shall be kept or housed in or at one (1) Dwelling Unit. The keeping of any other animals in any Zoning District shall comply with the standards set forth in Section B or Section C below, or in Section 924 or Section 925.