About the Township

About the Township

Vision Statement

Spring Lake Township (SLT) elected officials and staff members strive to make our Township a great place to live, work, learn and recreate.

Township Supervisor’s Report

John Nash

2019-20 was a very good year for Spring Lake Township

  • The new Grand River sewer line is completed and functioning
  • The SLT and SLV Departments of Public Works are now one department
  • There are five major housing developments moving forward in SLT

Spring Lake Township Achievements

  • The collaboration between SLT and SLV is working very well and saving public dollars
  • The new bike path on Van Wagoner will be completed by Memorial Day
  • We hired a new DPW Director who is doing a very good job running the combined department
  • We have worked very hard to deal with all the high water problems
  • We still have the lowest millage rate, and combined water/sewer rate in our area


  • The shared Village Hall is working out very well and saving tax payer dollars

Shared Employees

  • SLT/SL Village – DPW Director, Planner, DPW Staff and DPW equipment
  • SLT/Grand Haven City – Finance staff

Shared Programs

  • Mutual Aid Fire Department Response Program with Ferrysburg, Crockery, Grand Haven City, Norton Shores & Grand Haven Township
  • Ottawa County Sheriff Dept – SLT 2 full time Deputies
  • Sewer System – SLT, SLV, Ferrysburg, GH, & GHT
  • Water System – SLT, SLV, Ferrysburg, GH, & GHT

Spring Lake Township communicates with our residents

We encourage community engagement.

  • Summer Newsletter – 7/1, Winter Newsletter  – 12/1
  • E-News – approximately 2 times a month free to anyone who signs up
  • SLT Website – 24/7 – great info – springlaketwp.org
  • Quarterly Water/sewer bills with additional information

We encourage our residents to attend our Township meetings:

Board of Trustees 2nd Monday each month 7:00 pm
Planning Commission 3rd Wednesday each month 7:00 pm
Zoning Board of Appeals 4th Thursday each month 7:00 pm